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GIVE AWAY: Tools for Self-Care, Boxed up Just for You

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Many of you are also running around through life and could use some help taking a pause.


That's why I created the first White Hibiscus curated box, to help you RELAX.

Update: Relax Boxes are sold out, but you can win one when you take the very short Giving Survey to help me find out how you want to give to yourself and loved ones in 2020. For every 10 of you who complete the survey, I'll give away one box.

The Relax Box includes fuzzy socks, body butter or lip balm, collagen gold eye mask, Dr. Teal's Ginger & Clay bath salt, a painted candle, sleeping eye shade, and three Reflection Cards.

Let me know what you think. What other types of boxes would you like me to curate?

Take the Survey now.

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