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Education is a Human Right

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Kingdom Kids International is doing good work. Let's enable them.

I first met Fanes Priva digitally, through a mutual friend, and instantly knew I wanted to work with him. Soft voice, patient demeanor, clear intentions. That's Fanes, he focuses on the kids, always.

"The kids are making art today."

"The kids are learning history."

"The kids are in dance class."

The kids above everything. And there is a lot to contend with sometimes. I have to admit that I have not always been the most informed on how to support him. I am Haitian American, heavy on the American. So I always want deadlines, receipts, proposals, documentation. The reality is, things usually work a bit differently in Haiti, so the best way for me to work with Kingdom Kids is to follow Fanes' lead. And this Summer, he's asking us for help with school supplies, which is where you come in.

We came up with a model to help make a goal of getting $2000 worth of school supplies to 200 kids that are being served. And a way for you to give or get the pleasure that comes from opening up a fresh notebook, while remembering an essential truth that Fanes knows, and acts on every single day: Education is a Human Right.

Buy the notebooks, gift them, enjoy them, and don't take this privilege lightly - next time Fanes updates us about the kids, I'll share some photos with you too, and we can all think a bit bigger together.

Don't wait - shop now, and make a lifelong impact. And even better, connect with the people in your life who mean the most, show them how much you care and invite them into this essential truth, and give more.

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