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5 Reasons to Leave the United States Right Now

Give yourself a fresh perspective.

The White Hibiscus blog will keep bringing you more than just beautiful gifts that give more. I want to give you some of the other things that make life beautiful. Like travel, love, friendship, family, nature, community, and solitude.

Many of you have your own reasons and won't need any more to get out of the country for a mental break! You may be waiting on your finances to shape up, work to slow down, or your friends to invite you somewhere. Those are mostly great reasons to wait, but what if the reasons to take that trip right now outweigh some of those very reasonable delays?

Here's why I think you should consider planning your trip ASAP:

  1. It's a good investment. When people think back to their most valuable big ticket items, travel often tops the list for what they see as being a good investment. Travelling abroad has brought me immense gratitude, meaningful friendships, creative renewal, and even love. You can't put a price tag on any of those things. And often when you sit down to budget for a trip, and start to find discounts, it isn't actually as expensive as you originally thought. I highly recommend trying out Air BnB's, or even couchsurfing, and even better yet - go stay for a few days with that college friend who lives overseas. They're probably waiting to show you around.

  2. You must expand your perceptions. Sometimes the best thing you can do in the midst of chaos or stress is to pause. Seeing new places and faces brings a much broader view of the world, and often increases your sense of well-being. Taking a true mental break brings clarity and calm, and the times we need that the most are the times when it seems like we can't leave. Usually, that's an idea we've chosen to believe. Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that's going to happen if you take a break in the near future? And what's the best thing that could happen?

  3. Your beautiful brain. Sharpening your saw is an important part of life, and you can actually improve your ability to learn and make decisions. Neuroplasticity is enriched through new experiences. Learning new languages, trying new foods, and seeing new places literally makes us smarter. Travelling abroad is one amazing way to do that.

  4. Grow your confidence. There's nothing like being able to thrive in challenging situations to boost your confidence. We constantly surprise ourselves, and there are tricky situations that can come up on trips - especially if you're going off the beaten path. Encountering and working through them will teach you something about yourself, and about the world.

  5. You deserve it. No, really. Americans are among the longest working people per week, in the world. Notice I did not say we're more effective, but our standard workdays and weeks are long, and we generally care very deeply about our work. Some of us even have side hustles (ahem, hi, would you like to buy a notebook today?). Add family obligations and social pressures to the mix, and you get a pretty stressful society. You truly deserve rest. You don't have to battle on endlessly just to deserve a bit of calm. You have already earned your healing. Even if that means taking time and money to give yourself an amazing experience. If no one's given you permission yet - this is it. You are worthy.

If you can go, go now.

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