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25 Hour Painted Candles are LIVE!

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These long-lasting, exotic scents like Orchid, Vanilla Cookie, and Guava Island will leave your home feeling like heaven. Each candle is hand-painted and comes in a box that shows this gift supports education in Haiti. I got connected to this beautiful community through my work locally in Indianapolis with Indy Convergence, who's been partnering with them on this project for five years.

Once the candle is done, you can fill it with water for a day to soak out the remaining wax, and re-use it for a succulent planter, new candle, bobby pins, change, bottle caps, and more.

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White Hibiscus Gifts is no longer active due to the pandemic. Ninety percent of our business took place at in-person events. We are still supporting education in Haiti on a smaller scale, and locally providing care to our Indianapolis community during this difficult time. Thank you to all of those who made in person purchases, we miss you already. Some day we'll all be together again. Til then, take care.
- Founder Kimberly Milfort
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